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Least Resistance
Training Concepts (LRTC)

What Is Least Resistance
Training Concepts?

"We're not here to show you what we can do.
We're here to teach you what YOU can do."

Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC) is a non-profit corporation was originally formed in 1998 to promote safe horse and livestock practices, help improve success rates for BLM adoptions, promote back-country equestrian safety, promote farm and ranch safety and survivability during emergencies, and help organize effective stakeholder responses during significant fires, floods and other disasters.

LRTC has evolved into a multi-county "front-line" response entity for livestock incidents in northwestern Nevada and adjacent CA/NV Sierra jurisdictions, responding to an average of over 500 incidents per year.


The projects we are involved with include:

  • Mentoring wild horse adopters

  • Safe horse gentling and handling workshops

  • Internet based training support

  • Proactive interdiction for troubled adoptions

  • Placement assistance for horses needing rehoming

  • Temporary housing for BLM / NDA horses

  • Animal emergency responses / responder training


LRTC provides training for front-line volunteers, animal services personnel, public safety personnel and stakeholders in best practices for resolving a broad spectrum of emergencies involving livestock. Programs emphasize successful approaches to technical rescues, transportation accidents, livestock at large on highways and freeways, water and ice rescues, initial field actions to emergencies, and related issues.

To date LRTC has obtained funding for these programs so there are no costs to participants.

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