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Meet the Mounted Team


(This feature is a continuation from Part One.)

  Tribute to Former Team Horses


The original three horses used for range rescue work were Corey, Kahlua and Trooper.

Corey is a BLM gelding that was adopted in 1991 as a weanling that we started and trained ourselves. For years he was our "go to" rescue horse as he had stamina, reliable movement over difficult terrain and loved going out to do "jobs." He was also a familiar sight in the area parades.

Corey got sidelined in the autumn of 2014 due to a neurological problem that caused him to "crash" one day during training and resulted in our top rescue horse having to be rescued.

(See The Rescue of a Rescue Horse.)

When we had to retire him from serious range work, Corey had dozens of animal "saves" on his record, working in all kinds of weather, under helicopters, and once found a missing rider who, unfortunately, was deceased when we located him.

Nevada Day Parade, 2010.

McClellan Peak foal rescue
Lahontan missing rider search with WCSO's "Raven" helicopter
Iron Man orphan foal rescue


Kahlua, whom we generally called "Kallie," was a BLM mare that we acquired from a Reno police officer who had suffered a broken back in a car accident and could no longer ride. She had some experience in search and rescue and mounted posse work so she fit right in. Kallie was most often Sarah's mount although Larry would ride her when Trooper was otherwise occupied.

Kallie was a regular until she died of natural causes in May of 2015.

Kallie covering rocky ground.
Waiting for an assignment. (Raven flying overhead.)
Up in the rock pinnacles. Sarah was her usual rider.
Brooklynn and Kallie on Stockton Flat

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