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Volunteers Training for Emergencies

  LRTC Emergency Response Team
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Meet the Mounted Team


(This feature is a continuation from Part Three.)

  Requirements for Team Members

The mounted team members and their horses encounter diverse range conditions. In addition they often work with, or under the direction of federal, state or local officials. The riders and horses have to handle the terrain and the riders have to have a working knowledge about basic large animal rescue and how emergency services work as well as requirements for operating within Lyon County Sheriff's Search and Rescue.

The Horses:

Some activities take place in remote locations and in steep country.
The horses have to trailer safely over some pretty rough roads and Jeep trails.
The horses have to be able to work "solo" (without other horses) for long periods.
The horses can't get excited when wild horses or livestock run by.
The horses can't get excited when challenged by stallions.
The horses have to handle crowded, noisy situations.

The Volunteer Riders

In addition to possessing appropriate back country equestrian skills and meeting NASAR Mounted SAR Tech standards, the volunteer riders are certified in:

The following courses are recommended for group and team leaders.

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