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How You Can Help

If you wish to participate, there are many ways to help with this project.

  • Volunteering to work with the animals
    Volunteers experienced with wild horses and burros are always valuable.

  • Volunteering for support services
    There are many support tasks that need to be done from assisting with animal transportation to "chores" and maintenance at the facility.

  • Providing emergency transportation
    Trailering horses that need movement.

  • Providing Foster care
    Providing temporary housing for wild horses and burros

  • Fundraising assistance
    You can help raise funds, or make contributions yourself, to help cover the unfunded expenses related to this project.

  Criteria for Helping

In general there are two ways to help out. You can volunteer as a member of LRTC or we can list you on our WHB Resource List. Due to insurance and Federal legal issues, in order to actually transport, house or handle unadopted or "recovery" BLM or Nevada state wild horses and burros you need to be affiliated with a BLM or Nevada Dept. of Agriculture certified organization (such as LRTC) or have an individual volunteer service agreement on file with BLM or NDC.

Within these criteria, the following guidelines apply:

Foster Care

You need to have an appropriate BLM or Nevada Dept. of Agriculture compliant facility in which to hold animals.
(For facility requirements, Click Here.)

You need to have capabilities to properly feed and water the animals.

In instances that are approved by BLM, you may be reimbursed for feed and other necessary and approved supplies.


You need to have an approved trailer, generally a "hard top" stock trailer without openings of a size that a wild animal would attempt to jump through.
(For trailer requirements, Click Here.)

You need to have a tow vehicle capable of safely towing the trailer over roads in various conditions.

In instances that are approved by BLM, you may be reimbursed for mileage on approved trips.

Working With / Caring For Animals

For insurance reasons you need to be a member of LRTC.

For practical reasons you need to be reasonably close to one of our Learning Centers. We currently have Learning centers in the San Francisco Region (Knightsen, CA), Salt Lake City region (Erda, UT) and Denver region (Byers, CO.)

Compliance Checks

Make adopter visits, verify that the horses are being properly cared for and offer advice.

Financial Assistance

The animals and we appreciate direct contributions, fundraising assistance and affiliations with our Wild Horse Store. As an all volunteer organization, nobody in the organization takes a penny for their labor. All funds go towards direct services or necessary expenses (e.g., insurance, utilities, supplies, educational materials, etc.)

To get involved in this project, please Click Here.

To make a tax deductable contribution to this project, please contact Sharon Lamm for details.

Please also see our Adopt a Comstock Wild Horse feature.

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