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There are currently a significant number of wild horses being processed by the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture that need immediate homes. They will be made available to adopters through authorized non-profit adoption groups. Available animals range in age from weanlings to mature horses and appear in all colors.
A band brought in when their water dried up

Adopter Requirements

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years of age and have no history of animal cruelty charges.

Facility Requirements

  • Adopters must have an appropriate corral, minimum 200 square feet, with appropriate fencing.

    • Minimum fencing height - 6 foot for mature horses, 5 foot for horses under 18 months old and for horses sufficiently gentled so as not to pose a flight risk.

    • Fencing materials shall be of sufficient strength to contain a wild horse, be easily visible to the horse and shall be free from sharp and protruding objects or other hazardous defects.

    • Shelter shall be provided that is appropriate for the local climate.

  • Adequate feed and water shall be maintained on hand.

  • The adopter shall be financially and physically capable of properly caring for the adopted animal.

  • The adopter's facility will be checked during the adoption by a volunteer to ensure compliance (per state regulations.)

  • Titles for animals will be issued to adopters after one year if animals are certified to have been maintained in good condition during the adoption period (per state regulations.)

Adoption Fees

  • The base adoption fee for a wild horse is $150.00. Those fees include multi-way and West Nile vaccinations and a health certificate.

  • Some non-gelded studs and some aged or injured horses will be available for $25.00.

  • Halter started and saddle started horses will be offered at higher adoption rates to recover training costs.

  • Fees will be waived for bona-fide sanctuary programs.

  • Fees may be waived for bona-fide non-profit horse organizations who wish to take horses for placement and/or education programs. Please email Shirley Allen for details.

  • Fees may be waived for approved wild horse trainers and clinicians who wish to take horses for placement and/or education programs. Please email Shirley Allen for details.
A group of studs (now gelded) awaiting placement
An available black stud (now gelded)

Where to Adopt

For additional information about the horses, adopting or related issues, please contact:

LRTC Horses, General Program Information
and Inter-Group Coordination

Affiliated Adoption Group Information

Seven year old Audrey Christensen
and Eight weanlings needing homes

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A band being Fostered in Nevada

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Please note: This web document has been prepared by LRTC and refers to other participating organizations. The other adoption organizations may have their own specific adoption requirements and fees not mentioned here.

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