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Tonopah is a 6 year old former band stallion estray from Nevada that has been held by the Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association. We had the opportunity to have Tonopah brought down to the Knightsen Learning Center to be gentled for adoption.

While he doesn't have any particular issues, he is a classic former band stallion in both the physical sense and attitude, and he will be great for the mentors to work with.

First touch

Click here for Tonopah's case study

Hope is a 6 year old mare who was abandoned by an irresponsible adopter. She was found in a corral in the snow with no food or water. The Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association managed to rescue her and processed her for readoption.

She came in totally wild and presented with significant anxiety but she also gave looks that seemed to signal that she wanted to get along with people.

Getting used to people

Click here for Hope's case study

Blizzard got his name because his great shaggy mane looks like it's been through a blizzard. His forelock extends all the way to his nostrils.

He was gathered as a band stallion when his band wandered into developed areas while looking for food. He was gelded and went to LRTC Foster Care. He is a rather quiet, thoughtful horse for a wild one.

A majestic former stallion

Click here for Blizzard's case study

Hoonah is a BLM turnback that had some issues due to an improperly fit halter that had twisted on his head and had caused some nasty sores.

We found Hoonah to be a delightful horse to work with and his case study follows his progress with his new adopter.

Hoonah and Roxanne

Click here for Blizzard's case study

Butterscotch came in as a young colt, nearly two years old, who had wandered down to the highway with a mare that we believe was his dam.

Butterscotch started out kind of a live wire so we brought him down to the Learning Center for a few days of focusing and getting used to people.

A cute youngster

Click here for Butterscotch's case study

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