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  What Have We Done Lately?
2007 / 08

2007 has been an interesting year with many challenges. LRTC has adapted its activities to meet these challenges. Here are some of the things we've been up to.

Adopter Education.

While we didn't host a national workshop this year due in part to other commitments, we conducted a number of activities designed to help adopters and their newly adopted horses gain confidence.

Adopter Glenn Gable and Black Bart, his just adopted 7 year old BLM gelding.

Promoting Wild Horses.

In addition to holding Meet the Mustangs Days and participating at community events, LRTC provided two mustangs for world record long rider Gene Glasscock's 2007 ride.

Willis and "the boys" doing a TV interview.
The theme for the 2007 Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates' entry in the Nevada Day Parade was, "They settled the west and now they compete with the best." LRTC provided six horses for the parade including ranked show and competition horses. The entry took first place in the Dress/Working Mounted Group division.
Horses in Carson City.

Orphan Foal Rescue

We continued to take in orphan foals found on the range in our Lucky Horse Rehabilitation Project in Dayton, NV. Many of these foals would not have survived had it not been for the dedication and expertise of Shirley "Ellie Mae" Allen and her team of volunteers.

Little Ozzie, attacked by a stallion and left for dead.

Wild Horse Adoptions.

We continued to take and place animals needing adoption for the state, BLM and other local agencies.

Andy Sams and Shirley Allen with a weanling needing adoption in the 2007 Nevada Day Parade.

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