Wildhorse Mentors at
Equifest '98

Please note: This document is a temporary collection of pictures which are being used in the Equifest activities pages. Story board explanations of activities will be developed and these photos will be worked into the mentor stories as soon as time permits.

Equifest Booth
(Who's with Sheryl?)
Phil & Abby
Deb and Native Son
Arni and Lucia
Sheryl West & Sally / Sheryl Feit & Sunny
Phil & Bigun
Tiffany and Blackjack, Linda and Boise
Arni & Lucia meeting the crowd
Native Son
Sheryl Feit & Sunny
Phil & Abby / Sheryl West & Sally

More images are being scanned in! We will get everyone who was there.

Notes to be worked into the story board:

Desiree and Smokey had never been in front of a public crowd before. She had a terrible case of nerves, yet Sunday morning she was back with her horse, totally excited and ready to do it again. (She looked like a pro from where I stood!)

Linda and Boise: Linda started this horse 2 years ago and was on him a few times. The rest of his limited riding experience has been with kids. She started riding him again for Equifest - in fact she claimed the demo was her 5th time on a horse at all! And, he had just been introduced to the bit the week before. All his previous riding was done in a halter. Pretty amazing story, and further evidence of the trust these mustangs can put in their owners.

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