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Least Resistance
Training Concepts (LRTC)

Wild Horse Mentors

Wild Horse and Burro
Help Desk

Assistance for new adopters of BLM horses and burros
and information for those who are considering adopting


Considering Adopting a Wild Horse?

  • Facts to consider, presented by Barbara Eustis-Cross and Nancy Bowker

"So You'd Like to Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro"

  • An electronic reproduction of BLM's popular brochure (including adopter requirements)

"Building a Practical Mustang Pen"

  • A low budget, effective pen that's easy to work in and meets BLM requirements

"Building a Handling Chute"

  • A safe chute you can build for grooming and handling feet

"Inmate Wild Horse Training Programs"

  • Wild horses available that are already gentled.

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Getting Acquainted with a Wild Horse or Burro

  • Facts from BLM's "Getting Acquainted" brochure

Home at Last!

  • BLM tips - when you get your wild horse or burro home

Feeding your Wild Horse or Burro

  • Diet and feeding recommendations by the BLM

Making Friends with your Wild Horse or Burro

  • Useful socializing tips from BLM experts

Keeping your Wild Horse or Burro Healthy

  • BLM health and care considerations


What Now?

  • You finally got your horse home. What do you do now?

Safety Around Horses

  • Horse "survival" behavior and safe handling

How Horses Learn

  • A user's guide to your horse's mind

What is Least Resistance Training?

  • What it is. Why it works.

Gentling Wild Horses; Approaches That Work

  • Basic theory about wild horse management

"Gentling Wild Horses- 101"

  • Step by step, how we first handle wild horses

"Clicker Training a Wild Horse"

  • Positive motivation makes the day

Why Grooming is Important in Gentling Horses

  • The importance of getting "up close and personal"

Trimming Wild Horse Feet

  • Trimming tips for mustangs and burros

Training Section

  • Dozens of gentling and training features

Wild Horse Case Studies

  • Training case studies on several wild horses

Free Mentoring Assistance

  • How to get help with your wild horse or burro

Wild Horse Mentors List Server

  • Talk to mentors and wild horse & burro adopters

Seven Steps to Safer Horsemanship

  • A review of Frank Bell's Seven Step Safety System

List of
Workshops & Clinics

Locate a

The Lucky Horse
Rehabilitation Project

BLM's Adoption Website

When you get the basics down and are ready to move forward,
check out the KBR Training Section

Please note: This is not a BLM operated or BLM sponsored site. It is run by private wild horse and burro enthusiasts.
We are grateful to the BLM for providing some of the information presented here.

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