Wild Horse Mentors at the
Stockton Wild Horse Adoption
May 18, 19, 2002

70 horses and 28 burros were adopted!
Lining up at the bid results board
Last year's Stockton adoption was a 100% sellout. This year the weather turned nasty during the closing hours and so a small number of animals were left.

This was another first class adoption operation. The horses and burros looked great and they had lots of variety. BLM was better prepared for heavy bidding for the silent auction and gave out appointments for successful bidders to pay and sign documents which eliminated long lines. Mindy Odom and her crew along with help from Rich and Sharon Fagan and Jeff Fontana again raised the bar for quality and organization. Great going, guys!

A number of LRTC mentors were present. James Kicker brought Spirit. He did great with all the commotion and impressed everyone with his ability to bow on cue. Marialaina Bootog brought Velvet who never stopped doing tricks for attention for over 6 hours. Jean Anderson brought Gator. This was Gator's first time at an adoption and he did quite well, honking his horn and greeting visitors. Jenny Morganstern brought Beau. Beau was kind of a reunion of sorts. He was one of two Hell raisers in the pens at last year's Salinas adoption and everyone tried to discourage Jenny from adopting him. She decided to present him in person to get his compliance verification signed off for title.

Burros came in many colors
Velvet entertaining visitors
Spirit making the rounds
Gator taking a break
Rich Fagan signing off Beau's paperwork
I don't know how they've done it but the color this year has been better than we can ever recall. There wasn't a pen that didn't have some color in it. There was even a leopard Appaloosa and a Sabino offered.

Lesley Neumann did the round pen demos and produced some pretty good work with the horses that she drew.

A nice leopard appy
A palomino and a sabino
One of the palominos taking a snooze
Also present with the mentoring group were Herbie and Suzi Kicker and Betty Retzer. Marialaina's son Jason helped out, showing off Velvet's tricks to the spectators. Hue Simpson also stopped by for a few hours.

Three horses ended up coming to the Learning Center. To see them, click Here.

More photos will be added as they are received.

For a schedule of other upcoming California adoptions, please click Here.

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CA Wild Horse Adoptions
Most California adoptions start with a silent auction. Clipboards for each horse are attached to the adoption pens. Registered adopters have an hour to place bids on the clipboards, competing with each other in $5.00 minimum increments.

At the end of the silent auction, the "winners" are posted or called out. If a bidder is high on more animals than he/she wants, the animals that are passed go to the next highest bidder.

The remaining animals are sold on a "first-come first-served" basis for the posted minimum bid.

All bidders and first-come first-served adopters must meet compliance requirements.
Click here for adopter tips and compliance information.

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