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  Nevada Wild Horse Water Issues

Project Report
Part Two


In the Virginia Range we have taken a multi-faceted approach to the water issue. We have enlisted the cooperation of landowners, livestock operators, public agencies and volunteers to provide sufficient water to maintain all the animals that inhabit the range.

We have provided auxiliary water tanks where water sources are available.
If you build it they will come.
We have constructed a mobile water trailer and provide supplemental water on the range.
During the recent heat wave we discovered we had a two-fold problem. Vandals cut fences and broke open gates, allowing additional horses into the area. Increased water consumption due to the heat and due to the additional horses started to exceed our ability to deliver sufficient water with the trailer tank.

Private lands livestock operator Vince Ferreira stepped up and provided his 3500 gallon water tender for our use as long as we needed it so that all the animals would always have sufficient water available. While this is clearly a stop-gap solution, the cooperation of volunteers, the local livestock operator and property owners has facilitated our getting the water delivered and avoiding what otherwise would be an unnecessary round-up of these horses.

Volunteer James Mayfield fills one of several stock tanks placed out on the range.
We encourage private landowners to appreciate the intrinsic value of Nevada's
wild horses and to participate in improvements that can help preserve these animals.
We can help the horses but we also need help!

  • Stock tanks and supplies are expensive!

  • We have daily fuel costs to get the water out to the horses on the range!

  • Nonetheless it is still less expensive to keep our wild horses wild and free out on the range than hold them in corrals.

We can't do this alone.


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If you prefer you can send a donation by mail to LRTC, 11345 Silver Lane, Stagecoach, NV 89429. If you enclose a note that the donation is for LRTC's Wild Horse Emergency Water Project we'll use your donation to help cover our expenses for providing water for the wild horses on the range.

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