LRTC Information Sheet
  Horses for Adoption
LRTC Adoption Center, Dayton, NV


This is an archived historical document.
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The following horses are available for adoption at the LRTC Dayton (NV) Adoption Center.

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Copper Penny,    ID# 620 ADOPTED
Sorrel Mare (Foal has been weaned and adopted)

A nice mare from the Virginia Range.    Adoption Fee: $150.00

Gracie & Geoffrey,    ID# H504/H504A ADOPTED
Buckskin Mare & Sorrel Foal

Nevada Indian Nation Horses;    Adoption Fee: $750.00/pair

Lady & Lilly,    ID# H503/H503A ADOPTED
Pinto Mare & Pinto Foal

Nevada Indian Nation Horses;    Adoption Fee: $900.00/pair

Lucy,    ID# L304 ADOPTED
Sorrel Mare

A big sorral Indian Nation mare from the Dann roundup;    Adoption Fee: $150.00

Shadow,    ID# 646 ADOPTED
Seal Brown Mare (Foal has been weaned and adopted)

A nice Virginia Range mare;    Adoption Fee: $150.00

Sonic,    ID# H505 ADOPTED
Roan Weanling Colt

Sonic is a rescue;    Adoption Fee: $150.00

Trooper,    ID# H506 ADOPTED
Bay Orphan Colt

Trooper is a Virginia Range Orphan;    Adoption Fee: $300.00

For more information about these animals please contact Shirley at or telephone 775.246.7636.

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