LRTC Information Sheet

Comstock Weanlings in
Sheridan, CA

Summer, 2004; Part Two


This is an archived historical document.
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The whole mob

Gypsy Filly, ID# 679

This little filly has no fear. She was following Sara all over the place while she was trying to take pictures. She has already learned that people often have good treats!

Gypsy has been adopted!


SCOUT Colt, ID# 682

Scout is the looker of the group, sorrel with a pretty bald face.

Scout has been adopted!


DORRIE Filly, ID# 684

Dorrie is very friendly and will already take food from the volunteers' hands.

Dorrie has been adopted!


ZORRO Colt, ID# N401

When Zorro was foaled he had a black mask over his eyes. The mask eventually shedded out out the name stuck. He is the youngest of the weanlings and basically friendly. He has a light undercoat and may end up being a roan. Zorro is currently still in Dayton, NV.

Zorro has been adopted!


Adoption fees are $150.00 per animal.

For additional information please contact Sara Christensen at or phone 530.633.9974.

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