Wild Horse Mentors

What a
Wild Horse Mentor Is

  • A mentor is someone with basic knowledge about horses and/or burros.

  • A mentor doesn't have to be a professional trainer or gentler.

  • A mentor needs to be able to assess a situation and through accessing available resources (such as published training information or the whmentors list), find solutions which aid new adopters.

  • A mentor is someone with whom an adopter can share frustrations and from whom the adopter can learn that there are answers to the various and perplexing difficulties that the adopter may encounter.

  • A mentor is someone who is always wanting to learn more about horse or burros and sees mentoring as a way to learn and personally grow.

  • A mentor is someone who has a positive attitude, who is supportive and who helps guide the adopter toward solutions.

  • A mentor is a person who vicariously enjoys the successes of those whom he/she helps.

  • A mentor is someone who knows that he/she has made a difference.

  Characteristics of a Mentor
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Involvement
  • Compassion

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Importance of Mentors
With the decline of natural predators, wild horses and burros are multiplying in greater numbers than their environment can support. As a result, the BLM removes excess animals and adopts them out to individuals with appropriate facilities. The Wild Horse Mentors proactively help these animals by providing educational materials, workshops and one-on-one assistance to wild horse ad burro adopters so that the animals may become successfully adjusted to domestic life and and live healthy and contented lives.

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