Least Resistance Training Concepts

Volunteers Training for Emergencies

  LRTC Emergency Response Team

Updated August 11, 2020

The following resources are typically available unless committed to an incident, staffed by trained and certified volunteer TLAR / EVAC responders.

  • Type 1 Stock Trailers: 4 horse or greater capacity. Minimum of 60 feet of 6 ft. tall loading panels. Equipped for night ops.

    Units based in Dayton, Stagecoach and Gardnerville.

  • Type 2 Stock Trailers: 4 horse or greater capacity. No loading panels. Equipped for night ops.

    Units based in Reno, Stagecoach and Silver Springs.

  • Rescue 1:

    (Unit being reassigned to South Reno.)

    • (This resource guide is being updated.)

  • Panel Trailers: 216 feet of 6 ft. tall drop-pin connecting panels plus a stock tank.

    Unit based in Stagecoach and South Reno.

Additional overhead and small animal resources are normally also available.

Responses can be configured as single resources, strike teams (a team of stock trailers with a leader,) or task forces (mixed combination of stock trailers, small animal resources, water supply, panels, and/or support equipment as may be needed.)

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The training information presented in these information sheets and guides is offered for illustrative and volunteer refresher purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual hands-on training.

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