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There are a number of very adoptable bachelors and band stallions being brought in as a result of the emergency gather and trapping operations however there are few adopters truly capable of handling an intact stud. Furthermore, with the current wild horse overpopulation crisis it makes no sense to leave gathered studs intact for breeding. Unfortunately the state only has enough funds to geld the horses earmarked for the prison training program. As a result, adopters and the volunteer adoption groups are left to deal with the gelding issue themselves.

The most practical and cost effective means for gelding these animals is to have the procedure done while they are being processed and vetted at the state holding facility. The state veterinarian is charging us $150.00 per horse. The purpose of the Comstock Wild Horse Gelding Fund is to have a means of getting as many of these animals gelded as we can prior to being offered for adoption.

Fundraising Progress

How You can Help

To help with this project you can send tax deductible contributions to:
  • Least Resistance Training Concepts (or "LRTC")
    PO Box 648
    Knightsen, CA 94548
Please put "Wild Horse Gelding Fund" on your check.

We will provide a donation receipt on request.

This is a daunting effort and your contributions will help ensure our success.

Thank you!

12-20-02 Progress Report

The first group of eight studs were all been gelded and placed in permanent homes. Since then we have gelded and placed another eight horses. The big push will come in the summer of 2004 when the state is expected to aerial gather between 75 and 125 head due to increasing development in the horse range combined with a growing horse population. (Click here to view specific information about the gather.)
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