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Meet the Mounted Team

Updated November 30, 2015

The majority of our rescue work is technical or conducted "on the ground." However some incidents such as looking for lost or injured horses, recovering orphan foals, and occasional requests by Search and Rescue units to work in territory too difficult to walk and inaccessible to ATVs require members to work from horseback.

The horses we use for mounted work are mustangs. They handle extremely rugged country well, they don't tire quickly, are intelligent and are steady under pressure.

"Samson," back when he was the newest member of the team.
Samson was a prison trained horse ("Sunfire")
that was used by Thomas Smittle for ranch work.

    Our team horses not only have to be sure-footed and "bomb proof," but they have to be steady no matter who is riding them. While they are owned by the individual volunteers, we never know which horses and riders might be needed for a particular job.

    Mustangs are quite socially driven so the team members work together so the horses form confident social attachments to all the mounted responders.

  Active Members


Trooper is the "anchor horse" of the team. Some members like to joke that it's because his favorite thing is eating and thus he's the heaviest of the horses. Nonetheless he can handle steep, rough country and of the current "crew," Trooper is the horse most often used on calls. He's a BLM horse that was started under saddle by the Inmate Saddle-Training Program in Carson City (listed as "Donald Trump" in the catalog.) We brought him home and immediately put him to work.

Trooper's primary rider is Willis Lamm.

Less than a year off the wild horse range and less than 6 months after being acquired from the prison.
On the job: Showing off what the horses can do at a public event.


First time "in serious traffic," 2013.

Brooklynn is a Shoshone Indian Mustang that was picked up by the BLM. Megan McCoy acquired Brooklynn as a weanling at a Wild Horse Workshop held in Stagecoach in 2006. The two actually "grew up" together with Megan providing most of Brooklynn's training and development.

Brooklynn's primary rider is Megan McCoy.

A natural pair.
On the job.

* Tahoe *

On the job in Dayton, NV.

Tahoe is a BLM horse that was started under saddle by the Inmate Saddle-Training Program in Carson City. He was acquired by Larry Rebuck who traditionally rode Trooper before Corey was retired. Not much time passed before Larry and Tahoe got to work. Literally Larry's second time riding Tahoe was "on the job" in response to a Department of Agriculture request to try to locate an injured horse on the range.

Tahoe's primary rider is Larry Rebuck.

On the job, second day out of the prison training program.
A confident pair: 4th of July, Virginia City, 5th week out of the prison training program.

* Madison *

Nadine and Madison out on the range.

Madison is a BLM mare that Nadine Hastings acquired as an experienced saddle horse. Nadine is a relatively new rider with whom Madison formed strong bonds. The two of them have demonstrated that they can handle rough country as well as crowded streets and parades, and are now part of the mounted team.

Madison's primary rider is Nadine Hastings.

Practice: Finding a good path in rough country.
Greeting children while on safety patrol, Lahontan State Recreation Area.
Nadine and Madison taking a break with the crew after a job. (And it's snowing.)

* Samson *

Sarah and Samson.

Samson is a BLM horse that was started under saddle as "Sunfire" by the Inmate Saddle-Training Program in Carson City. His first "real job" was as Thomas Smittle's mount for ranch work in South Dakota. He came back to Nevada after Thomas' sanctuary project ended and was acquired by Sarah Takahashi, who traditionally rode Kahlua. Samson has turned out to be an absolute natural on the range and on city streets.

Samson's primary rider is Sarah Takahashi.

Taking pictures from horseback - Samson's first parade. No hands on the reins
A breathtaking climb.


(Acquired on January 9, 2016)

Ranger getting in the groove.

Ranger is a BLM mustang that was started under saddle, originally under the name of "Romeo," by the Inmate Saddle-Training Program in Carson City. He was originally adopted by a student member of BLM's / UNCE's youth-based "Gift Horse Gang." We were able to participate in Ranger's initial development, and some years later we acquired Ranger from his adopter to use for the team.

We received Ranger on January 9th, and due to much hoped-for snowy weather it took some time to engage in the kinds of activities to qualify him for the team. But during some very limited activities our initial impressions clearly were that he was going to fit right in - which he did on his first job dealing with traffic and pedestrians at the Country Legends and Wild Horses event.

A few minutes after acquiring Ranger - Navigating the log pile off-lead.
Getting right down to it in the saddle.
Packing all the gear.
On the job at Country Legends and Wild Horses.

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