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  Large Animal "RESCUE GLIDE"

Updated March 6, 2019

Devices such as Rescue Glides are critical for recovering and transporting downed horses or horses that have been injured or trapped, require anesthesia, and need to be safely moved. They are often used in conjunction with Slip Sheets to reduce friction when moving horses over ground or pavement.

The Rescue Glide can be used in tandem with the Stokes basket for bringing up a human victim or gear.

The Rescue Glide and Slip Sheets are held on the center board on Rescue-1.

The Rescue Glide and Slip Sheets are held in the overhead rack on Rescue-3.

The team also carries a Foal Glide for foals and small animal rescues.

The Rescue Glide and related equipment are part of an ever growing compliment of equipment that is available for a wide variety of horse and large animal emergencies. The Rescue Glide and its associated accessories that we use are manufactured by Care for Disabled Animals (CDA) in California.

Knowing how this equipment is used is critical to operational safety. Here is more information on how the Rescue Glide and associated slip sheets used.

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