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  LRTC Emergency Response Team


August 9, 2023
Garage location: Stagecoach, NV

This information sheet is primarily intended for persons associated with or working with the LRTC Emergency Response Team; however the information may be useful to other groups or private individuals who may wish to similarly equip a support unit or who may need to utilize the resources available from LRTC's inventory during an emergency.

Tac Support-1 replaces the Water Supply-1 trailer as it is a former Type-6 brush truck with a 300-gallon tank and 2-cylinder pump. It is also equipped as a service truck for highway calls, carrying emergency fence repair supplies and tools.

The advantage of having this equipment on a 1-ton 4-wheel-drive pickup is that the person(s) responding with it don't need a tow vehicle and there isn't time lost "hooking up." Members do need to familiarize themselves with this vehicle and take it on a "road run" to get familiar with its characteristics and where equipment is located.


The unit's inventory includes:

The compartments are numbered and inventory described correlates with the compartment numbers.

Compartment 1: SCUBA bottles, PFDs, personal safety harnesses, tire chocks

Compartment 2: (Top shelf) Hand tools, dewatering (hand) pump, 6v lantern
(Bottom shelf) Rolls of 2-inch hose, personal gear storage

Compartment 3: (Top shelf) Rope bag and accessories, spare helmet and brush jacket
(Bottom shelf) 4) 25-ft hoses for jetting wands

Compartment 4: (Top shelf) Flagging and caution ribbon, air accessories box
(Bottom shelf) Fence and gate repair tools and supplies, barbless wire

Compartment 5: (top shelf) Tarp, come-along, T-post pounder, bolt cutters, sledge hammer
(Bottom shelf) 2) Recovery straps, Halligan tool, wire stretcher, 2) shovels, Polaski, paper towels

Compartment 6: (Top shelf) Nozzles, fittings, adapters and spare gaskets
(Bottom shelf) 2) 1-1/2-inch hoses, 2-1/2-inch filler line, hydrant spanner

Rear area, left side: 4) Jetting wands

Cabinet surface, right side: T-posts, boat hook

Top of tank: Traffic cones, drafting hose, construction netting, garden hose (roll)

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The training information presented in these information sheets and guides is offered for illustrative and volunteer refresher purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual hands-on training.

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