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Part Three

Lucky learns that he can
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Meet the Animals


Lucky is the horse upon which this project is based. Captured with a true mortal fear of humans based on traumatic experiences in the wild, he never learned the social skills he needed to get along with other horses and he would crash fences if humans approached. He needed a special facility and special approaches.

Although he still has an occasional panic attack, Lucky is well on his way to being a sane and happy horse.

First day out on lead

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River was adopted at a BLM satellite adoption by a caring adopter. Unfortunately she unknowingly sent him off into a very abusive training situation that literally blew his mind. It has taken a great deal of patience and methodology to get River's phobias under control.

Corrine Davis, DVM, later adopted River. He is now a happy horse and he is comfortably handling beginning saddle work at the project's Learning Center.

Dr. Davis on River

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The Olympic Horses & Burros

One of the projects we were able to get involved with included gentling three California wild horses and three burros for the BLM. They will be part of a western heritage display at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games. These animals were a great catalyst for bringing the volunteers together and they were also a wonderful learning experience for the newer volunteers.

These animals came to us fresh out of the Ridgecrest holding facility and some were pretty recently gathered off the range. We had a nice variety of traits and personalities to work with.

A full chronology of the Olympic animals, including their activities in Utah, can be viewed by clicking here.


Brighton is a nice burro that was "rescued" from use as a lead steer for roping practice. His rescuers couldn't keep a burro.

He was placed with Bruce and Shirley Allen of Carson City, NV, where he shares their "back yard" with a Comstock wild horse and an occasional injured mustang brought in for veterinary care.

Brighton and Patty Thomas

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Oscar and Felix

These two young burros were adopted for sheep protection however their environment wasn't conducive to their cohabiting well with the sheep. Their adopters asked us to help facilitate their reassignment to a more appropriate adopter.

Volunteer Jean Anderson is applying to BLM to take over their adoption.

Felix (front) & Oscar

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Misty is an adopted BLM mare. She went to good adopters but she needed more attention than her adopters could give to get her fully socialized around humans.

Misty is making great strides toward becoming comfortably domesticated and will soon be available for adoption.

Herbie & James Kicker with Misty

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Cisco is a 5 year old gelding who has been handed down through several parties, some whom have apparently not treated him very well. He was particularly suspicious of men. He was picked up by Margo Macleod who wanted to place him in the project in order to better adjust to being handled by a variety of humans.

Cisco is extremely bright, willing and gets along easily so long as he is offered a fair deal.

Sharon & Margo teaching "targeting"

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Pequiño Cambio (Small Change)

Pequiño is an 8 year old Kiger gelding who has been broke to ride but who has confidence issues. When frightened he would bolt. Unfortunately the approaches that trainers used to teach him to overcome this problem only made it worse. Most recently a trainer relentlessly assaulted him with a flag (plastic bag on a stick) which resulted in his being paranoid of plastic.

It's back to basics for Pequiño with supportive and interactive approaches.

Patty showing off Pequiño

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