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Volunteer Patty Thomas and Brighton

Brighton is a 4 year old jack burro. He has no visible freezemark so he was probably born in captivity. He was "rescued" by a private party who purchased him from some people who used him for roping practice. He was socialized by his rescuers but they were unprepared to keep his feet trimmed and do other required maintenance. They turned him over to the Lucky Horse Project to be gelded, trimmed, further gentled and adopted.

Brighton warmed up to people very quickly. We had to get those nasty feet taken care of. Soon into the project Bruce and Shirley Allen of the Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association asked to adopt Brighton and they took him to Carson City, NV. He now lives with their dogs, a couple of Comstock wild horses and pretty much roams the Allen's back yard where he greets them through the dining room sliding glass door each morning.

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