Least Resistance Training Concepts

Volunteers Training for Emergencies

  LRTC Emergency Response Team


August 12, 2023
Garage location: Stagecoach, NV

This information sheet is primarily intended for persons associated with or working with the LRTC Emergency Response Team; however the information may be useful to other groups or private individuals who may wish to similarly equip a support unit or who may need to utilize the resources available from LRTC's inventory during an emergency.

Rescue-2 combines the resources of first-out TLAR rescue units with the resources formerly carried on our Special Operations Support unit. It will respond as the second-out unit to technical large animal rescues. It carries the heavy technical rescue equipment including cutting tools, ram, hydraulic jaws, etc., a large compliment of rope rescue equipment, generator, a 20-foot light tower and portable lighting, and related rescue equipment.

Please note: Additional inventory is still being stowed on this unit, and this document will be revised.

The unit's inventory includes:

Bottom shelf: light tower control, extinguisher, traffic cones, tire chocks, tire chains, marking paint
Second shelf: rescue and utility rope sets & gear, tree saver, rescue pack, halters & leads
Third shelf: first aid, tape and flagging ribbon, ratchet straps
Top shelf: hand tools, small utility ropes, pool noodles
Lower R.H. tunnel: long digging bar, Gorilla Bar, boat hooks
Upper R.H. tunnel: ground pads, combination ladder

Bottom shelf: power and hand dewatering pumps, fuel, discharge hoses, water buckets
Upper shelf: Spare helmets, PFD for horse head protection, C-spine supplies, blankets

Left side:O2 cylinders, mounting block, construction netting, stock tank (behind mounting block)
Right side: lower, head protector, Air for Paws, 60 ft. air boom
Right side: upper, Stokes basket and Tough Duck backboard

Bottom shelf: Becker Sling, splints, military spec harness
Middle shelf: folding chairs
Upper shelf: tarps, anchor pickets, windlasses, and accessories, electric cord reel

Bottom shelf: water jug, Porta Power set, cordless tools, fire extinguisher
Recessed shelf: Rope rescue accessories (webbing, prusiks, straps, etc.), mule tape
Middle shelf: Halligan tool, Sledge hammer, Splitting maul, Bolt cutters, Wrecking bar, "long arm hook"
Top shelf: telescoping boat hook, pry and wrecking bars, shovels, cat tongs
Lower L.H. tunnel:, long digging bar, Gorilla Bar, boat hooks
Upper L.H. tunnel: ground pads, combination ladder

Bottom shelf: 30-ft. recovery straps, saber saw, drills, tool box, battery powered chain saw
Second shelf: disc cutters, skill saw, horse blanket
Top shelf: "big" utility rope, "fat ropes"

Lower shelf: Crib blocks, wedges and step chocks, hay, responder water and cooler
Upper shelf: Stokes basket and Tough Duck backboard

Rescue PFDs: Water rescue harness box, portable lighting, electric cord reel

Bottom shelf: 12kw diesel generator, folding ramps
Upper shelf: extension cords, flexible strap guide
Overhead: Foal glide


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The training information presented in these information sheets and guides is offered for illustrative and volunteer refresher purposes only. It is not a substitute for actual hands-on training.

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