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Least Resistance
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Wild Horse Mentors

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The Wild Horse Mentors project is a concept that was first conceived by the LIFE Foundation, the "Wildhorses" Internet Group and the Kickin' Back Ranch (KBR). The idea was to develop a corps of wild horse enthusiasts who could help new wild horse and burro adopters by sharing their skills and knowledge, or who could assess situations and make referrals so that adopters can find the help that they need.

As the concept matured, a non-profit corporation called Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC) was formed to administer the Wild Horse Mentors, become a legal Volunteer Service Organization for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) adoption programs and range projects, and is a facilitator for wild horse and burro adoptions for several agencies. In addition LRTC provides a certified Technical Large Animal Rescue team for the region's wild and domestic horses.

"We're not here to show you what we can do.
We're here to teach you what YOU can do."
We're all volunteers. The work we do is supported by people like you!

Our Mission Statement

To ensure appropriate and safe homes for adopted animals and a satisfying experience for adopters by providing pertinent education and mentoring assistance, to develop programs that address large animal emergencies,
and to preserve viable horse herds on the range.

Emergency Response & Technical Rescue

What Strike Team LRTC is LRTC's Horse Emergency Response Team

For details on upcoming animal rescue training opportunities,
please visit our Strike Team LRTC page.

Why Join LRTC?

What Mentors Do:

  • Mentors will assist new adopters and share skills and knowledge in areas in which they are competent.

  • Mentors will refer new adopters to specialized help when needed and when the issues are beyond the mentors' span of expertise.

  • Mentors will develop programs to educate adopters and would-be adopters in proper care, handling and training of adopted animals.

  • Mentors will assist in publicizing wild horse and burro adoptions with an emphasis on targeting horsepeople who would make the most appropriate adopters.

  • Mentors will assist in relocating adopted horses and burros which wind up in situations where the adopters are unable to cope.

Locate a Wild Horse Mentor (Listed by State)

Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro from LRTC!
LRTC takes in a number of orphans rescues and we also receive placement animals from the BLM and other agencies.
Qualified adopters will prevent these animals from going to the livestock sale.

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Our Current Projects:

Orphan Foal Rescues

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Swedes go Wild!
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Wild horses released back onto the range!

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Want to be a Mentor?

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LRTC is a member of the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates

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